I AM WOMAN Signature Programme

When a woman starts a new business or reaches that stage in their lives when they want to grow a business, they are ASPIRING for something new, something better, something bigger, something more exciting or something more fulfilling to happen in their lives.

Let's be honest - women want it all, women want it now and women want it on their terms - and why not?

Women don't want to spend their time in a business school building an empire.

More likely they want to find an energetic alignment in themselves with their idea and to create something that's going to support their wider lifestyle ASPIRATIONS, dreams, visions, wants and must haves.

You might have a vision of something you might want to achieve in your life. In the gaps in life you keep hearing that still small voice speaking to you or you might feel you are not doing what you were meant to be doing or you just ASPIRE something more powerful, potent and profitable to be happening in your life.

If any of the above are resonating with you then you have arrived at exactly the right place and time to be working with us for us to help you ASPIRE for more, ASPIRE for greatness and to ASPIRE because it's you time!


This ten week programme will inspire you to change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change, including:

  • creative enlightenment's that take you from sabotage to success
  • aligning your beautiful being & belief systems into powerful intentions
  • branding your magic
  • setting into motion the manifestation of your entrepreneurial ASPIRATIONS
  • use your thoughts to create the world you ASPIRE to live in
  • meditate on gratitude
  • attract and manifest abundance
  • working with the best version of you & others
  • living your life on purpose
  • embracing your ultimate influence
  • realising, reinventing and re-scaling your ASPIRATIONS


Our Ten Master Class Programme

Walking In My Shoes

I Can & I Will!

Branding My Magic!

Manifestation in Motion

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Priceless Money Lessons

Sharpening Up My Act

Doing Business Puposefully

Embracing My Influence

Playing & Staying At The Top Of My Game

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Each Master Class is set-out in four core sessions, each session is broken down into a further seven themes of learning which focus upon:

    We look at the 'bigger picture' of the subject and offer links to YouTube clips, articles and wider online resources that help you put into context the learning.
    We equip you with new, fresh, stimulating reading, exercises, questionnaires, business resources and tools.
    - helping you accelerate putting your intentions into motion, challenge your thinking, solve your problems and grow.
    You have the opportunity to take part and watch facilitated discussions
    - helping you position your understanding, gain greater insight, challenge your thinking etc
    We explore other peoples experiences and what we can learn from them via online case study examples and forums.
    - helping you role model leaders and thought leaders, up-scale your knowledge and experience.
    We invite you to 'just STOP and THINK!' and meditate on where you are in your learning.
    - helping you slow down the process and contextualise, condense and capitalise on your learning and forward motion.
    We challenge you undertake a mini assignment exploring and extending your knowledge surrounding the subject
    - helping you to put into action and discover how the learning is applied in your business to achieve extraordinary results.
    At this stage you reflect by journaling what you have learnt and the actions you need to take to create fundamental transformational change.
    - helping you to fast track the motion of your intentions to attract and manifest your personal and business desires into your life.


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