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Let us help you navigate how to start and grow your business.

Become more entrepreneurial and tactical to grow a highly profitable business.

Let's really get to grips with who your customer really is and create a marketing campaign that really works.

It's time you got the support you need to be held accountable to prioritise and achieve your goals.

You'll never run out of ideas, only money, so let's get busy making some for you!

"I so wished I had joined Aspire when I started up my business. I would have sorted out my business model sooner, got my finances aligned sooner, employed and managed my people better, made smarter marketing choices and made money faster!"

Kathy Annandale - The Kitchen Bureau

Introducing To You Our 16 Week Online 'Live' Aspire FOR GREATNESS Programme

When you enroll, here's what you're getting...

Transformative Entrepreneurial Training & One-to-One Mentoring - from one of the leading entrepreneurial thought leaders Cheryl Bass. Transformation starts when you have someone working alongside you, who can see around your corners. helping you gain the clarity you need to visualise your life and business aspirations and to transform them into a business that works for you!

Your Very Own Accountability Mentor - yes you will be held accountable to achieve your goals. You'll meet your accountability mentor online bi-weekly, during the 16 weeks, helping you do-the-work, implement your priority tasks, obtain essential feedback, build your motivation and confidence.

Eight Critical Business Master Classes - teaching you your essential business 'how's' and highlighting your 'how-not-to-sabotages', supported by all the tools you will need to establish a highly profitable enterprise. You'll get busy spotting hidden market opportunities, financially positioning what you do ahead of your competitors, choosing strategies that help you make the right money faster, creating a customer journey that never lets go, upskilling you for sustainable growth, bolting everything you do together so it works and helps you embrace and release your inner celebrity with cunning transformative marketing skills and plans.

An Invaluable Toolbox of Business Modelling Tools - including visioning plans, highly interactive funding ready operational & business plans, a personal review system, financial modelling tools and much much more....

Institute of Leadership & Management Membership & Benefits - Aspire is an entrepreneurial programme of learning approved at L5, enabling you to to certify your learning, use it towards obtaining additional  qualifications, access all of the Institutes online learning, international membership and more ....

Pre-recorded Interviews With Leading Business E xperts - helping you contextualise and expand your understanding, plus weekly insights online from industry experts

Access for one-years online weekly networking & business growth master classes keeping you keep your business bang up to date and continuously supported throughout the programme and beyond.


Collect Institute of Leadership & Management Digital Qualifications - during or post Aspire you can collect further online professional qualifications for free.

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Access Our Private Aspire Facebook Group - where you can interact with fellow learners and keep in touch directly with our trainer and coach Cheryl Bass and obtain one-to-one and peer-group feedback.


Access To Aspire Learning Zone Resources - these include: business planning tools from a one-page business plan to a full funding ready business plan suitable to access funding,  operational plans, appraisal schemes, job/work design systems, child/chakra development reflective workbook, personal development plans, financial modelling tools and a whole library of interviews and digital business papers and ebooks.


Fast Track E-books - worth over £60.00. Invaluable content written by Cheryl Bass and guest authors.

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Matrix Moment Meditations - experience the power and impact of reprogramming your subconscious mind for greatness with our three free 15 minute downloadable meditations recorded by th Aspire creator Cheryl Bass.

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You Get Free One Years Free Membership Of The Institute of Leadership & Management (normally £150)


Membership gives you more...

Learn more about your leadership capability

Utilise our award-winning e-learning tool, MyLeadership, to identify your strengths and areas of development.


Enhance your reputation and boost career progression

Use our post nominals (letters after your name) and digital credentials to demonstrate your commitment to leadership. The right letters speak louder than words.


Share and learn from like-minded people

Extend your network with our community of over 40,000 leaders and managers.


Keep learning with our expertly curated resources

Develop your knowledge further with weekly webinars, podcasts, news updates and robust research.


Dive deeper into current issues

Our premium-feel journal, EDGE, will keep you up to date with current research and best practice.


The programme is delivered starting 9.30am - 1pm Friday 7th May 2021. The programme will be delivered over eight 3 hour sessions bi-weekly by Cheryl Bass and bi-weekly via eight pre-arranged flexible meetings with your accountability partner.

Prior to you starting the programme I will make arrangements with you via email for us to have an hour 1-2-1 Induction session. This will enable you to ask me any burning questions and for you to feel thoroughly prepared for the commencement of your 8 week Aspire FOR GREATNESS Programme.

You will be sent a Student Handbook that covers all of the background to the programme.

If you need to ask me any questions you can send me an email or post it within our Private Facebook Group which you will be already joined into prior to the commencement of the programme.

Each Tuesday of the week you will receive via your email mailbox an email with an attachment which will include your e-workbook and any exercises or additional useful resources for that upcoming Friday.

You will also be sent your Zoom link so that you can join me online at 9.30am.

If you have to miss a week I will send you a recording of the Master Class week you have missed.

Mid-programme you and I will arrange another hour 1-2-1 session together. I will be eager to catch-up with how you are doing and if I can help you either by signposting you to other resources or helping you work through implementing your learning.

This programme is very unique in how it has been developed. It has been developed over thirty years. The materials have evolved over that time and I now believe this programme is the strongest it has ever been.

I bet you have already realised that your business will only grow as fast as you are prepared to.

That being said, you will have already gathered that you are your business. So when you turn up you turn up with all of your 'stuff' on show.

You bring all that you are, have been and are yet to be, to your business.

All your negative experiences, create negative ways of being, working and thinking.

In business it's critical you get to grips with the tool called you. 

This programme in eight simple steps will help you discover what modes of operating you are choosing to use.

You will come face-to-face with your stuff.

I will be helping you grow up again by walking you through your childhood development stages and offering you the opportunity to reflect upon your past and how it might be showing up in the context of your business.

We will be unpacking your self-sabotaging and your limiting beliefs and tooling you up for greatness. Yes I am really looking forward to working with you to help you become your very best version of you in your business.

Each of the child development stages has also been correlated with your developing chakras. So you will also have the opportunity to release negative energy, unblock negative energy and get into the flow to become the awesome entrepreneur you were born to be!

This programme has been designed to help you start-up and scale-up any business.

Week-by-week I will be walking you a process of growing up a business.

I have worked in a business training and consultancy capacity for over thirty years, therefore the techniques and tools I will be working on with you are thoroughly tried and tested.

However I am not so proud to say when I don't know something and will signpost you to someone or something that can.

My aim over the eight weeks is to help you to build a profitable and sustainable business.

My role is to help you build your ideas, plans, skills and understanding how you want to move forward becoming the very best version of you in life and business.

You might that you really want to go-for-it and make your millions quickly, or you might decide that want is manageable time and financial freedom working just a few days a week around an already busy lifestyle.

As I say it's about you and what you want to create to make your life work, to make your life great and to offer you the fulfillment that as yet you just haven't been able to reach.

Each Friday morning we will be tackling a stepping stone on the pathway to you building your business model. We will be aiming for you to know that you know how your business works profitably and how to scale it up successfully online and offline.

This programme might demonstrate to you that your current thinking just won't work and we will both be honest with one another about that. However you won't be dumped there. We will look at version two, three and four ideas and try together to discover how to build a business proposition that could work for you.

My aim is that when you finish the programme that you will have:

  1. Enjoyed the learning experience of partaking in the delivery of the eight Aspire FOR GREATNESS Master Classes
  2. You will have really benefited from using all of the Institute of Leadership & Management online tools and resources and have participated in further online learning with them. You will also enjoy all of the qualifications you have gathered along the way.
  3. You will have really benefited from learning alongside our other participants and really got to grips with building your workable and sustainable business model going forward with my help and that of your Accountability Buddy
  4.  You leave clearly knowing what you need to do and how you are going to either start-up or scale-up your business.
  5. The tools and techniques you have learnt from taking part in the programme you have the confidence to use ongoing in any business you decide to develop in the future.
  6. You move forward with clarity and an understanding of joining up your dots to start making your business a business you fall in love with that's profitable and adds amazing value to your life.

This programme has been designed for both.

As we start right at the beginning of aligning you with the development of your business, it really does offer you the opportunity to press the refresh button and start again - no matter which stage you are at thinking about or actually running yours or someone else's business.