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You sit at the very heart of your business. You are your business. So if your thinking is off-course for whatever reason, your business will be sailing off-course too!

You are a super complicated individual to make sense of. You will have been born into a family of origin, with it's own family dynamic and dramas going on. As a baby entering this world and the child that has to later survive in it, you will have twisted yourself into all sorts of contortions of being to survive and thrive. This self-contortion is an adapted-you and not your authentic-you.

Aspire helps you wake-up from your adaptations and encourages you to speak in your own words from your truest self that you were magnificently born to be.

"out of the silence you can make a promise it will kill you to break, that way you'll find what is real and what is not". - David Whyte

Over thirty years ago I started recognising the trauma in the individual that formed an important part of why their business wasn't working. I studied neuro linguistic programming to take apart the behaviour patterns, but this only gave me a small slice of sense making. I also studied psychotherapy using transactional analysis (TA) in a clinical and business setting to study what was going on, in particular within the entrepreneurial psyche.

Ten years later, I attended to Durham University studying entrepreneurship with a specialist interest in childhood development and its impact upon our entrepreneurial decision making. The research turned up some staggering realisations and won me an MA in Entrepreneurship and the Durham University Dissertation of The Year Award, for breaking into a new field of entrepreneurial personality research. This is when everything started making more sense and falling into place and where the business interventions I supported people to achieve, put them at the centre of the problem, solution and outcomes.

Yes, it's a different approach, yes it's a powerful approach, yes it's a sustainable and life transformative approach.

It's an absolute joy working in collaboration with the Institute of Leadership & Management to have ASPIRE approved and accredited at L5 with them. I am now able to offer credible professional qualifications to women who are prepared to really get to the heart of their entrepreneurial DNA, take back control of their self-belief and lives. This sets in motion a business based on true heart based values, purpose, passion and genuine love based legacies." - Cheryl Bass

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aspire & chakras

ASPIRE  - a series of eight highly interactive transformational Master Classes.

Each Master Class has a theme, which is subdivided between PERSONAL MASTERY and BUSINESS MASTERY.

The PERSONAL MASTERY element explores the you that shows up and performs in your business.

The BUSINESS MASTERY element explores an aspect of business growth from inception through to celebrity branding fast-growth.

Each Master Class builds upon the last and is supported by award winning research, beautifully crafted content, self reflection questionnaires, discussion, closed Facebook group, reflection, journaling, resources that form an integral part of your businesses operating systems, film-clips, case studies and an opportunity for you to review and discuss your progress with your very own accountability buddy.

ASPIRE is approved at L5 by The Institute of Leadership & Management. This means you are registered as a Student Member of the Institute when you start ASPIRE and can access a host of benefits. On completion you recieve and internationally recognised development qualification and letters you can use after your name.

You can choose from a variety of ASPIRE PACKAGES.
- Group Online Learning Experience
- One-To-One Online Learning Experience
- Luxury One-To-One Retreat  Experience
The choice is yours!


ASPIRE transforms your entrepreneurial talent and business success. It supports you to turn your dreams and aspirations into your reality.

ASPIRE Group Online

ASPIRE offers you an opportunity to transform you and your business alongside a carefully selected group of under eight like-minded entrepreneurial women, eager to share their life and business experiences to reprogramme their life and business success.

You will enjoy eight three hour Master Classes delivered online via Zoom on a pre-arranged date.

Working within a group offers you a fascinating experience to listen and learn from each others stories, experiences, styles or learning and implementation of managing both the personal and business changes.

When you join ASPIRE, here's what you get...

ASPIRE is unique and totally life transforming entrepreneurial development programme approved at L5 by The Institute of Leadership & Management.

It a series of eight three-hour highly motivational, interactive and transformative Master Classes, interspersed with one-to-one mentoring and accountability mentoring with your own accountability buddy, Institute of Leadership & Management qualifications and online business resources, a tool-box of personal development resources, online support and access to my I AM WOMAN Fast-Growth Business Hub.

Each Master Class has a theme, which is subdivided between PERSONAL MASTERY and BUSINESS MASTERY.

The PERSONAL MASTERY element explores the you that shows up and performs in your business and will explore how your past experiences have programmed where you are now and how to transform to get you where you need to be to align you with the behavioural capabilities so you can be who you want to become.

The BUSINESS MASTERY element explores an aspect of business growth from inception through to celebrity branding fast-growth. You will be equipped with all of the business tools, and skills and techniques you need to help you start-up, pivot, market position, promote and grow your business practically, profitably and online.

Each Master Class builds upon the last and is supported by award winning beautifully crafted research and materials, insightful self reflection questionnaires, highly participative and inclusive discussion, a closed Facebook group, your very own manifesting journal to help you discover and programme your goal-setting, a toolkit of resources that form an integral part of your businesses operating systems, film-clips, case studies and an opportunity for you to review and project plan your success with your very own accountability buddy.

Advance Your Career With Professional Qualifications - ASPIRE is approved at L5 by The Institute of Leadership & Management. This means you are registered as a Student Member of the Institute when you start ASPIRE and can access a host of benefits. On completion you recieve and internationally recognised development qualification and letters you can use after your name.

Supercharge your success alongside other like-minded entrepreneurial women, sharing life and business experiences.

Feel more business ready and confident as you quickly learn your essential business 'how' to achieve your life and business goals.

Start getting excited about how to financially model and market brand you and your business.

Get comfortable with your customers as you discover who they are, where they are, how they buy, how to journey with them endlessly and how to stay ahead of your competitors.

Step-by-step you transform yourself and your business and feel inner joy, contentment and satisfaction because you recognise you are being perfectly you, living in-flow, doing what your heart always wanted to do.


Three One-to-One Ninety Minute Mentoring Sessions - your transformation starts when you discover you are not alone, help is at hand. You feel the genuine support of having someone working alongside you. Someone who can see around your corners, helping you gain the clarity you need to visualise your life and business aspirations and to transform them into a business that works for you!


Your Very Own Accountability Mentor - yes you will be held accountable to achieve your goals. You'll meet your accountability mentor online in-between each of your Master Classes, helping you do-the-work, implement your priority tasks, obtain essential feedback, build your motivation and confidence.


An Invaluable Toolbox of Business Modelling Tools - including visioning plans, highly interactive funding ready operational & business plans, a personal review system, financial modelling tools and much much more....


Institute of Leadership & Management Membership & Benefits - Aspire is an entrepreneurial programme of learning approved at L5, enabling you to to certify your learning, use it towards obtaining additional  qualifications, access all of the Institutes online learning, international membership and more ....


Collect Institute of Leadership & Management Digital Qualifications - during or post Aspire you can collect further online professional qualifications for free.

Membership gives you more...

Learn more about your leadership capability

Utilise our award-winning e-learning tool, MyLeadership, to identify your strengths and areas of development.


Enhance your reputation and boost career progression

Use our post nominals (letters after your name) and digital credentials to demonstrate your commitment to leadership. The right letters speak louder than words.


Share and learn from like-minded people

Extend your network with our community of over 40,000 leaders and managers.


Keep learning with our expertly curated resources

Develop your knowledge further with weekly webinars, podcasts, news updates and robust research.


Dive deeper into current issues

Our premium-feel journal, EDGE, will keep you up to date with current research and best practice.


Access for one-years online weekly I AM WOMAN Fast Growth Business Hub, keeping you keep your business bang up to date, growing, continuously supported and evolving throughout the programme and beyond.




Access To Aspire Learning Zone Resources - these include: business planning tools from a one-page business plan to a full funding ready business plan suitable to access funding,  operational plans, appraisal schemes, job/work design systems, child/chakra development reflective workbook, personal development plans, financial modelling tools and a whole library of interviews and digital business papers and ebooks.


Access Our Private Aspire Facebook Group - where you can interact with fellow learners and keep in touch directly with our trainer and coach Cheryl Bass and obtain one-to-one and peer-group feedback.


Pre-recorded Interviews With Leading Business Experts - helping you contextualise and expand your understanding, plus weekly insights online from industry experts.


Paperback Copy Of My Latest Best Seller - 'Your Fifteen Manifestation Journal' and an online workshop how to use the journal to create and manifest your wishes and desires.

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Fast Track E-books - worth over £60.00. Invaluable content written by Cheryl Bass and guest authors.

You Get Free One Years Free Membership Of The Institute of Leadership & Management (normally £150)


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ASPIRE Group 121 Acc

This ASPIRE package offers you a group delivery online approach to enjoy participating in the programme supported with working one-on-one with me as your accountability buddy. This package offers you a highly interactive group learning training, supported by individualised mentoring/business accountability catch-ups and mini-trainings.

ASPIRE 121 online

ASPIRE+ offers you a one-to-one one-to-one life-lifting online approach to enjoy participating in the programme.

Together we will arrange a schedule of dates and timings to fit in with our busy schedules.

This one-to-one online approach offers you an ideal opportunity to work one-on-one with me, benefiting from a very personalized training, mentoring and business accountability catch-ups and mini-trainings.

Introducing you to ASPIRE Programme

You can book to do ASPIRE online within a carefully selected small group of entrepreneurial women over sixteen weeks.

You can also enjoy a 'One-To-One Online - ASPIRE+'  experience to ensure you have my full attention to work directly and deeply as your trainer, mentor and accountability buddy.

Treat yourself to a luxurious farmhouse ASPIRE++ Retreat.
Get away from it all, recharge, refocus and reprogramme your life and business

ASPIRE 121 retreat

ASPIRE++ offers you a one-to-one three day life-lifting retreat approach to enjoy participating in the programme.

Together we will arrange a schedule of dates and timings to fit in with our busy schedules.

This retreat approach offers you an ideal opportunity to retreat, recharge and reprogramme your life and business success.

To view the retreat opportunity and facilities please CLICK HERE

retreats for women

"I so wished I had joined Aspire when I started up my business. I would have sorted out my business model sooner, got my finances aligned sooner, employed and managed my people better, made smarter marketing choices and made money faster!"

Kathy Annandale - The Kitchen Bureau

I am so looking forward to delivering my GROUP ONLINE Award Winning Signature Programme ASPIRE starting Friday October 8th 2021 online live via Zoom, delivered 9.30am - 1pm.


The programme consists of eight highly interactive and participative Master Classes.

Each Master Class starts at 9.30 and concludes at 13.00.

The eight Master Classes are delivered bi-weekly.

In-between the Master Classes you can enjoy one-to-one pre-arranged flexible accountability/business review online meet-ups with your accountability partner/buddy.

Prior to you starting the programme I will make arrangements with you via email for us to have an hour one-to-one onboarding mentoring session with you. This will enable you to ask me any burning questions and for you to feel thoroughly prepared to launch into my ASPIRE Programme.

You will be sent via email:

  • An ASPIRE Student Handbook that covers all of the background to the programme.
  • Details how to register yourself as a Institute of Leadership & management Student and start accessing all of your online benefits.
  • A Manifesting Plan
  • A Business Career Plan
  • A paperback copy of my best selling 'Your Fifteen Minute Manifestation Journal' and an online workshop link
  • Master Class One Workbook
  • Your ASPIRE reference code so you can jump online and access our resources.
  • A link to our Private Facebook Group

If you need to ask me any questions you can send me an email or post it within our Private Facebook Group which you will be already joined into prior to the commencement of the programme.

Each Tuesday of the Master Class week you will receive via your email mailbox an email with an attachment which will include your e-workbook and any exercises or additional useful resources for that upcoming Friday.

You will also be sent your Zoom link so that you can join me online at 9.30am.

If you need to miss a week you can be sent a recording of the Master Class week you have missed.

Mid-programme you and I will arrange a one-to-one mentoring session together as I will be eager to catch-up with your progress and hand-hold you through your next steps.I might  need to help you either by signposting you to other resources, helping you work through implementing your learning or putting some of your ideas into action.

Yes - you can do ASPIRE one-to-one offering you the opportunity to go deep and work one-on-one together, within a format and time frame that matches both our busy schedules.

One-to-one delivery translates into us working together to transform you and your business, offering you total confidentiality and my single focus.

You will receive a flexible but highly supportive learning experience.

We will be exploring together and applying the learning directly to you and your business.

In-between the Master Classes we will schedule a 90 minute mentoring  sessions and business accountability mentoring sessions with you ensuring you get the maximum guidance and insight you need to put all the transformational strategies into practice.

Yes you can chose to enjoy participating in ASPIRE as part of a 'One-to-One Life Lifting Retreat' experience.

Relax, refocus and recharge at my beautifully stylish farmhouse near the beautiful South Wales coastline, where you can take time out from working in your business, to work on your business.

DAY 1:

13.00 - Arrive to a delicious afternoon tea.

14.00  - We take off to the coast to walk and review your personal and business goals working on this particular programme theme.

16.00 - We return and review and set tomorrows goals.

17.00 - Time for you to reflect, journal and chill.

DAY 2:

9.00 - Continental breakfast

10.00 - Our Master Class begins - Part 1

13.00 - Lunch

14.00 - 17.00 - Our Master Class - Part 2

17.00 - Time for you to reflect, journal and chill.

DAY 3:

9.00 Continental breakfast

10.00 - Our action planning related to transformational implementation begins.

13.00 - Lunch and leave

Click here to look at my 'One-To-One Life Lifting Retreat' page to view and read further retreat and accommodation information.

This programme will help you develop a deeper level of self-awareness of you and how and why you do the things you do, in the way that you do in your business.

Together we will start diluting everything that has held you back from being the very best version of you in business. This could include reprogramming any limiting beliefs, self sabotages or negative ways of thinking and being.

I will be helping you grow up again by walking you through your life story, childhood development experiences and unpacking how you might be running outdated ways of being, thinking, feeling.

You quickly start releasing powerful and potent entrepreneurial talent because everything which could be having a negative impact on how you do business is re-programmed to prepare you and your mind for manifesting what you desire in your life and business.

Suddenly you start noticing how much more joyful you are becoming. Together we start maneuvering you towards thinking about your potential, your dreams, your aspirations. After all, so as you think, you become.

You start noticing you have more energy. This happens when you start removing your thinking and feeling blockages. Your body will feel more relaxed and more in tune with your inner joy.

You might even start losing the weight you have been hanging onto. Sometimes when we store a very negative picture of ourselves, situations we have found ourselves in, trauma or hungry ghosts, we can feel a hole in our bellies that somehow we think we can fill with food. As the hole fills up with self-love, we can find that we no longer need to feed the hungry ghosts with anymore.

You start feeling you and your life is in-flow. In-flow means that we get that feeling that we are who we always wanted to become and are doing what we always desired to be doing.

Your optimism returns and you can see a really positive way forward. You start putting plans in place to realise your dreams, you start building your career, your future investments and a life you always wished for but never though you deserved.


This programme has been designed to help you transform and grow, whether you are starting-up, pivoting, getting your products and services positioned for marketing online or scaling-up locally,nationally or internationally.

Week-by-week I will be walking you a process of growing up a business from inception to how to launch celebrity brands. You will quickly get to grips with your marketplace and learn how to position what you do. This will supercharge how you take your products to market and how you reap your financial rewards.

You will start to understand how your numbers work and how they need to work to build profit. I work with you in simple but powerful ways. There will be no more tears or terror when it come to your numbers. They will be replaced with grounded knowledge of how to make your numbers work for you in your business.

My aim is that when you finish the programme that you will have:

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience of partaking in the delivery of ASPIRE and have built beautiful relationships and collaboration opportunities with the other entrepreneurs.
  2. You business starts booming and what started as an idea you were so excited to make a reality, has turned into a business opportunity that offers you joy, contentment, time and financial freedom.
  3. You will have obtained professional qualifications and really benefited from using all of the Institute of Leadership & Management online tools and resources and have participated in further online learning with them. 
  4. You really got to grips with building your workable and sustainable business model going forward with my help and that of your Accountability Buddy
  5. You have an ongoing plan for transformational change, leave clearly knowing what you need to do and how you are going to either start-up or scale-up your business.
  6. You continue to have at your disposal a host of entrepreneurial and business building tools and techniques you have learnt from taking part in the programme you have the confidence to use ongoing in any business you decide to develop in the future.
  7. Your vision and values continue to drive your business. You move forward with clarity and an understanding of joining up your dots to start making your business a business you fall in love with that's profitable and adds amazing value to your life.

This programme has been designed for both.

As we start right at the beginning of aligning you with the development of your business, it really does offer you the opportunity to press the refresh button and start again - no matter which stage you are at thinking about or actually running yours or someone else's business.