Failure can make us better – so why get bitter?

When I was a child I can remember being given my first calculator and putting in the highest number 9 as many times as the screen would allow and then I tried to add one. I don’t know what I was expecting, but was so disappointed when the calculator could handle it and offered me a correct calculation.

Adding in all those 9’s reminds me of all the failures I must have had in my life.

Daily, I screw-up so many times.

I have an old book on my book shelf ‘6 Secrets of G.E.N.I,U.S.’ written by Patrick and Cynthia Porter. It’s so old, it’s written all over, some great quotes underlined and pages strewn with mini post-it-notes. It highlights Thomas Edison’s challenges when developing the lightbulb. Edison had 999 failures then he added a one more time and it worked! He said “I didn’t fail 999 times, I just found 999 ways in which it won’t work!”

How would your life improve if lived your life assuming everything you experience is for a good purpose, you might not know it right now, but everything that happens to you is meant for good.

Do you get stuck in the mindset of failure?
I know I have!
Bitterness can set in quite quickly.

Ever quicker I know I have to shake people off, situations off, bad memories off, sad experiences off!

I believe we all need to commit to our full potential and every day recognise we are living ever closer to our dreams.

Role modelling in business is so essential. Learning from someone else’s experiences can fast route your success.

Mentoring get’s two different minds looking at the same problem.

Teams working together can speed up production, add so much innovation and inspiration to projects.

If failure steps in, welcome it, learn from it and stroke the genius of learning appearing to you in that learning opportunity and shake off any bitterness sooner rather than later.

Failure can make us better.
But why choose to get wrapped up in bitterness?
Pure genius of learning on offer to everyone 999999999999999999999 + 1111111111111111111111111111111111111 and more!



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