Rayner Davies

Who am I?

I am a fun, bubbly outgoing woman that truly believes that I am here to make a difference. My love for life, family, business and my love for some crazy adventures really is what sets me apart.

This wasn’t always the case………..

Becoming a teen mum was a huge shock to me and my family. After having absolutely nothing, no money, no possessions and constantly struggling to make ends meet daily,

I knew I needed to do something with my life that changed how I was living. With huge amounts of passion, drive and determination I turned my business idea in to reality in 2008.

I have built up my business that I now co-own, with my husband Ashley, to a £2 million pounds turnover business in 2019. This has been achieved by making huge sacrifices, constantly learning and by developing a growth mindset. Just like I have grown, from having an idea in to now running and owning, a multi-million pounds turnover business I want to give something back.

I want to help people who really have what it takes to bring out their full potential and make all their dreams become a reality.

My passion is to always give back whether its to the community by sponsoring events, donating items for charity events, or even to the extent of completing some crazy charity challenges I am proud to say over the past few years I have raised over £35k for various charities.

Raising a family, being a business woman and making the time for a little you time can be challenging, but if you are prepared to put the time in now and make those sacrifices your slightly older self, may just be living a far more fulfilled life.

A&R Cleaning

A&R Contract Cleaning Specialist Ltd, Unit 49 Tondu Enterprise Centre, Bryn Road,
Bridgend, CF32 9BS

+44 (0) 1656 713 950

Cardiff: 15 Neptune Court, Vanguard
Way, CF24 5PJ

+44 (0) 2920 601 118


Things you might like to know about me.......

Areas of Investment Interest

I am interested in businesses that have the potential to scale up. You must be really passionate about your business or business idea as ultimately you are going to be the one doing all the leg work.

As much as I am extremely passionate about the services we offer, I am extremely passionate about our people. I strongly believe if you have the right people within your business, an exceptional culture that weaves right through your work force, then your people will look after your service or product, and in turn this will leave you with a client base that is extremely happy.

The skills and experience I can bring to you:

  • Start-up experience
  • Corporate experience
  • Help overcome any personal barriers and help you to see there is no glass ceiling
  • Create a vision that is compelling
  • Help to create the best mindset for you and your business
  • Building relationships that last
  • Coaching the best out of you
  • Building a team around you
  • Implement systems and processes
  • Dealing with change and growth in an organisation
  • Marketing your business

What I would like to add:

Running a multi-million business from start-up means that I have had to overcome and deal with so many inner demons that kept saying I wasn't good enough or what did I know. So if you are currently lacking confidence but have an idea you believe in I would love to hear your proposition.