Is There A Mysterious Gap Between You And Your Dreams?

If you feel like there’s a mysterious gap between you and your dreams... but you know deep in your heart that you really CAN have it all... Join Cheryl Bass of I AM WOMAN on her ASPIRE masterclass series that will reveal the mysterious “Gap” in your life that makes you feel "wrong" and never good enough.

You will discover the HOW of reinventing you and your business in just EIGHT SIMPLE STEPS! Trnasforming your gap into a space where PASSION, PRESPERATON, PERSEVERANCE & ABUNDANT PROFITSABILITY lives in your life!

Are you starting or growing a business?

Want to reinvent yourself and your passions to create massive profit potenntial?

Interested in learning your 'how' via eight simple business steps?

ASPIRE, is the signature programme OF I AM WOMAN, creatively designed to help you achieve rapid results by aligning the birthing of your business with it's being, doing, thinking, identity, skills & capabilities, integration of all it's activities and how to play & stay at the very top of your game!

ASPIRE is delivered over eight consecutive Monday mornings, delivered online or in-person, backed-up with award winning research, case studies, resources and materials delivered effortlessly to your in-box.

You will see immediate personal insights alongside measurable business growth and profitability!

I AM WOMAN ASPIRE Testimonials

What's So Unuiqe About ASPIRE?

ASPIRE recognises that you have grown up once and have created certain strategies thus far to survive. ASPIRE helps you with the support of 'The Child Development Cycle' to grow-up again and to grow your business using the same psychological constructs.

The learning you will gain will help you become a better person, mother, partner and role model.

You will be equipped and signposted for you to attain the 'how'  to work strategically utilising business plans, operational plans, financial forecasts, digital media and all the systems and procedures you will ever need to establish a small or large enterprise, whilst learning alongside like-minded women journeying towards their higher sense of passion, purpose and prosperity.

Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Leadership & Management has endorsed the I AM WOMAN ASPIRE Programme of learning at L5.

As an I AM WOMAN Member you can join ASPIRE at a discounted rate, and become a Student Member of The Institute of Leadership & Management. Your student status can also open other discounted services advantages

Upon successful completion of ASPIRE you can upgrade for free to a Full Member because of the robust L5 endorsement for no extra charge  (normally £150.00) and access full membership benefits and use after your name

Cheryl Bass - Founder of I AM WOMAN will be delivering this unique programme of learning to you online or in-person on eight consecutive Monday mornings. All Master Classes are recorded and can be mailed to your mail-box for you to revisit the content or catch-up if you miss attendance at the allotted time.

Cheryl's style of teaching is based on offering practical, usable information. She is aware of the fact that many people do not understand more than the basics of how their behaviour impacts on them choosing to win or loose in business. Women in-particular experience doubts and misunderstandings when trying to grow themselves and their businesses.

Through Cheryl's teachings, she is keen to help women become more prosperous in their lives and businesses. She helps them to master the 'how' in business to achieve their goals in creative yet simple ways.

She understands that we will all, at some point, experience limiting, unhelpful beliefs and his experience with this has helped her gain a unique perspective on how people may be holding themselves back from the lives that they claim to desire.

Cheryl stresses that we can reinvent ourselves at any stage in our lives. We can choose as an adult how we 'show up' in our personal lives and in our businesses.

We can make the shift from generational curses to generational blessings.

Our hard-wiring from our past was created from the mind-set of a child. We created a false self to cope with the outside world.

Albert Einstein once said "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used to create them"

As an adult, by changing our beliefs, thoughts and words, we can re- programme the hard wiring of subconscious mind, thus changing our lives and what we attract into it.

What environment are your birthing your business baby into?

Dream it!
Believe it!
Achieve it!

What should you really be 'doing'?

Why choose to loose?

Time to reinvent your identity?

Have you really got the skills & capabilities for this?

Can you integrate and build your business?

Heading for greatness?



You will be learning alongside like-minded women, who you will quickly bond with and develop ongoing deep meaningful friendships with.

Our learners genuinely care about each other success, which means that everyone grows walking alongside each other.

We all resonate and benefit from listening to each others mistakes, story's, hang-ups, sabotages, successes and working together to find shared solutions to personal and business growth.


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