Once upon a time...

Business support services bespoke for women didn't exist.

Women felt isolated and they didn't have opportunities to hear each others stories, role model and learn from each others experiences and transfer to one another skills, advice, top tips, fast routes to success and resource sharing.

Then I AM WOMAN was born, created by Cheryl Bass just over a decade ago, when it became clear that women were dominating consumer market spend by 87%, referring 10x more business than their male counterparts, but were still way behind starting up in business and getting their hands on finance, yet women only got 1p in the £1.00 of venture capital funding.

It was clear that women needed help, but not the old way where they had to be shoe-horned into masculine designed services. Women's brains are different, they learn and process differently and so I AM WOMAN was created to help ordinary women build and do extraordinary business their way!


If you are a woman starting or growing a business you need look no further. We invite you to join us and very quickly you will discover what makes I AM WOMAN so very different.

For your annual membership fee you will have the opportunity to access events, coaching, master classes, master minding, qualifications, online learning and marketing platforms and so much more ............

We surround ourselves with heart centres smart women who just love helping women to flourish. Very quickly you will transform, align you and your business to start manifesting into your life what in the past has been just a dream!

We love:

  • Helping women to discover their brand magic
  • Transforming women's entrepreneurial spirit through inspirational role modelling, story telling. knowledge & skill sharing and transfer, networking events in Bridgend and Cardiff, master classes, mentoring and master minding.
  • To create a legacy of global impacts through everything we do.

Our values:

  • Self belief - the gift you give yourself.
  • Collaboration - trusted partnerships are vital to our success
  • Authenticity - people do notice what we do.
  • Accountability - if it's going to be, it's up to me!
  • Legacy - we aim to create a legacy of global impacts through everything we do.
  • Magic - believe in and create your own brand of magic everyday in everything you do.
  • Pay it forward - everything you are, the stories and experiences you have been gifted with, the skills you master daily can all be paid forward in the lives of others.

We meet:

  • In Bridgend - Coed y Mwyster Hotel, Coychurch. CF35 6AF
  • On the second Tuesday of every month
  • At 6.00pm - 9.00pm
  • Visitors £20.00 and Members £15.00
  • In Cardiff - Mercure Holland House Hotel, Newport Road, Cardiff. CF24 0DD
  • On the last Tuesday of every month
  • At 6.00pm - 9.00pm
  • Visitors £20.00 and Members £15.00
Cheryl Bass

Cheryl Bass

Creator & Founder

Cheryl founded I AM WOMAN nearly a decade ago. Her passion is to help women to start-up and grow business

Margaret Carter

Margaret Carter


Margaret uses her experience to help our members gain insights into how to pitch products in a challenging retail market.

Lisa Marie Brown

Lisa Marie Brown

Youth Ambasador

Lisa Marie supports young women as a role model of a leading woman in the construction industry.

Kathryn Devonald Davies

Kathryn Devonald Davies

Chair & Legal Adviser

Kathryn is a Partner in Llanelli based DPA Law LLP company and has a wealth of legal and business growth experience

Bernadette Nicholls

Bernadette Nicholls

International Adviser

Bernadette has a pedigree of international trading and offers members a specialist insights into global trading.

Dawn Bevan

Dawn Bevan

Financial Adviser

Dawn is a senior manager with BPU Accountants. Dawn offers all our members a free two hour business consultancy.

Kerry Voke

Kerry Voke

Retail Adviser

Kerry Voke has a vast experience selling perfume and tea, business-to-business and within the retail consumer market.

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