The I AM WOMAN Dragons are Coming!

January 8, 2020 | 

I started my first business in my early 20’s. Like a lot of people I had a hobby that I could see there was an opportunity to earn some money from by supplying it as a service to others.

Enjoying you do is a MUST! But when you wrap around your love for something with all the dictates of making a business work then it’s a completely different story.

Selling was just not my bag. I just thought people would see the skill I had in making a something and would just buy it!

Quickly I needed to learn so much ‘business stuff’ and I honestly think that if I knew at the time what I needed to do, learn and invest I probably wouldn’t have done it!

Unconscious incompetence took me a long way down the track of growing my business so I got paid.

It took me a few years to iron out my creases to start selling to stores, employing people and scaling up my operations.

The whole process could have spun a lot faster and a lot more profitably if I had a mentor, a guise, a coach or even just a friend who I could spill my guts to and get a more purposeful sense of direction from and stewardship as to the best way forward for my business ambitions.

Getting my hands on business investment for me felt so out of reach. I used savings, credit cards and even my birthday money to buy equipment and resources.

In reality women only access 1p in the £1.00 of venture capital funding – wow!

You might be starting a business and need help to get going in the marketplace or you might have an existing business that needs kneading into shape and investment support to get you going.

We would love to hear from you no matter what your circumstances are.

Why not book into one of our many events and introduce yourself to us and the amazing women in business we already support.

We will be taking applications for this exciting initiative 1.1.2020, so do keep in touch with us.

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