Why are retreats for women so transformational?

Retreats for women create a space for you to get away from the busyness and to discover the BIGGER POTENTIAL of your business.

It's a chance get creative together and realign what might be stressing you and not delivering the results you need.

It's about having intimate 1-2-1 time away totally focussed upon your needs, your business and you having the support you need, to work on your challenges with a seasoned professional.

"None of us are born successful business entrepreneurs. It's about the ongoing crafting ourselves, so we become the every best version of ourselves that we are proud to do business with." - Cheryl Bass

Sometimes we will be breaking through and realigning any deep limiting beliefs, releasing energy blocks and turbocharging your confidence.

Other times we we might be revisiting past experiences to rewrite your story and your BRAND YOU marketing messages.

The majority of the time, we will be ploughing through your 'business stuff', servicing all the nuts and bolts of your business, together we will be adjusting everything and action planning your goals and outcomes, so you know exactly what your next steps need to be on your road to success.

A 1-2-1 retreats for women creates a space for you to reconnect with your aspirations and to put into play a route map of actions to get you started on your journey to your happy ever afters.


Is it time you invested in your future?

Running a business can be a constant energy busting challenge. It can feel like you're constantly on a treadmill, dealing with. energy depleting challenges (never knowing if your solution was the right one), going around in circles, never having time to really think about your business, your aspirations, your dreams and your BIGGER PICTURE.

What you'll experience as part of your retreat


These are some of the exciting, business boosting processes you might like to work on together with me at your retreat.

Your retreat is very much about you and can mirror your needs and challenges.

You can also design how your days are formatted. If you chose to, you can condense the retreat over two days with a one night stay instead of the three day format listed.

It's all about supporting you by refreshing, recharging, reprogramming and rebooting your success!


  • You might be thinking of starting-up a business and need help working through your product concepts, route to market and costings.
  • You might want to tackle all the nuts and bolts of what's not working for you in your life and business.
  • You might want to get creative and build a stunning ecommerce website.
  • We could devise a cunning marketing strategy and digital marketing strategy, with sample social media content.
  • Your might be holding yourself back, so we could reprogramme your limiting beliefs and prioritise your goals.
  • Past experiences or trauma could be affecting your mindset and the story you keep telling yourself.
  • You might need to pivot, scale-up or reposition yourself in the market and with your customers.
  • You might just be stuck and need a fresh vision, values, inspiration and motivation.
  • You might need to know more about how your numbers work and making more money
  • You might need to write a business plan and apply for investment funds/grants.
retreats for women

Contact Me To Arrange Your Free 45 Minute Curiosity Call

Yes I am offering to you  A Free 45 Minute Curiosity Call to help you to explore your what nexts in your life and business. I would love to hear your story so far, what excited you, what was a success and what didn't turn out as you had planned and why? Together we get creative, get to grips with your goals and get clear what your potential next steps could be.

Cheryl Bass

We arrange a 90 Minute Online Mentoring Session

Yes before you arrive I will be fully up to speed with you and your business and have a clear plan of what goals you would like to work on at your retreat. Also prior to you retreat I will forward to you some simple but very illuminating questionnaires. I will have spent time reviewing your childhood and business DNA to help us both hit the ground running.

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2.00 PM DAY ONE - A Delicious Afternoon Tea Will Be Waiting For Your Arrival

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea that awaits your arrival. Time to start relaxing, refreshing and refocusing. Over afternoon tea we I will enjoy catching up with your personal and business updates and insights. We will start translating where you are now in the context of where you would like to be.

retreats for women

Tuesday 14.00pm - Introduction To Your Two Beautiful Rooms

Yes, you will have beautiful and cosy Laura Ashley styled rooms allocated to you for the duration of your stay. A sitting room and a bedroom equipped with Sky TV, internet, Nespresso coffee maker and kettle overlooking in the distance the stunning South Wales coastline and mountains.

retreats for women

Tuesday 14.30pm - Let's Walk Through Your Aspirations

We go walking and start talking through your goals and aspirations in both a heart and head context. Many people anecdotally claim they do their best thinking when walking. Research has found that walking boosts creative inspiration. They examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. A person's creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking. ...

retreats for women

Tuesday 17.00pm onwards - Chill Time and Self Reflection

You have Tuesday evening to yourself after we have spent the afternoon together clarifying and prioritising your life and business goals. You may decide to stay around and chill or take yourself off to any one of a number of local restaurants, sights and sounds. I am only five miles from the beautiful coastal town Porthcawl and minutes from a local landmarks.

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Wednesday 9.00am - Continental Breakfast & Meditation

Your days starts exactly as you'd like to. Breakfast can be served in your room, downstairs or in the garden room. There is ample space to relax, walk, meditate or do whatever early morning regime you enjoy the most.

retreats for women

Wednesday 10am - 17.00pm - We Work 1-2-1 On Your Business

This is your opportunity for us both to work on exactly what you want us to work on together. We will have established via our 'Curiosity Call' and our beech walk what areas you would like to prioritise, so this is the time we do the heavy lifting together, transforming you and your business.

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Wednesday 9.00am - Continental Breakfast & Meditation

Your days starts exactly as you'd like to. Breakfast can be served in your room, downstairs or in the garden room. There is ample space to relax, walk, meditate or do whatever early morning regime you enjoy the most.

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Thursday 10am - 13.00pm - We Action Plan Your Transformation

Today you'll be leaving excited, with an inner calm knowing you have discovered your longed for business courage and enlightenment. This master class session could include energetically realigning your entrepreneurial DNA, reprogramming your timeline, hypnosis, childhood development sabotage clearance, alongside more formal business strategy skills transfer techniques.

 Your business retreat host and mentor

If we are yet to meet my name is Cheryl Bass and I own Pwllygarth Farm, which is itself a four-year renovation transformation and I will also be your host and mentor during your 1-2-1 retreat.

For the past twenty years I have trained and mentored small start-ups, high growth technology starts, trained top performing leaders and their teams, supported businesses to pivot, restructure, and troubleshoot, mentored some of the leading entrepreneurial pioneers globally and women just like you who want to build a business that provides the financial freedom they need to provide the lifestyle they desire and deserve.

Even though I'm known as a TEDx speaker, published author, TV presenter, I feel most at home working with women 1-2-1 helping them transform their lives and businesses and that's the reason why I have decided at this stage in my career to open up my beautiful home to support women 1-2-1 to overcome their personal and business challenges and transform and grow.

For more information on me Cheryl Bass, PLEASE CLICK HERE

retreats for women
retreats for women

Limited availability due to the 1-2-1 retreat experience.

 Only 12 places available in 2021

Do you feel it's time to get away from it all in a really special magical space dedicated to your inspiration, wellbeing and growth?

You are looking forward to experiencing a very unique business retreat experience.

Your body's calling out for a chance to reconnect with your true and authentic self in your business.


This is an elite 1-2-1 retreat that due to its concentrated nature of delivery has limited availability.

Each retreat experience starts on a Tuesday at 1pm and concludes on a Thursday at 1pm.

Over three days and two nights you will receive one-to-one personal and business transformational support and guidance.

Your two-night accomodation stay is  included, along with afternoon tea, snacks lunches and breakfast.

The experience like no other, early booking essential, spaces limited to just you!


Discounted early bird Introductory price £997.00 (Normally £1,997)

 Your beautiful retreat location awaits...

retreats for women

Pwllygarth Farm offers you a very inspirational space to grow you and your business. It was built in 1904 by heiress and industrialist Emily Charlotte Talbot of South Wales  Her initials are set in stone to the front of the property.

The property is beautifully designed and is surrounded by glorious gardens that open once a year for charity as part of the National Garden Scheme (NGS UK).

You will have your own very comfortable, Laura Ashley inspired, double bedroom overlooking the welsh coastline and mountains in the distance. And a very well equipped sitting room with Sky, internet and refreshment making facilities.

Within the grounds you will also have access to relax or work in my beautiful summer house or refreshed and rebooted bubbled beyond relaxation in my jacuzzi overlooking the rockeries.

Click here further retreat location information.

 Local highlights of interest...

Kenfig Nature Reserve is just a couple of miles away and a beautiful space to get alongside nature to walk and relax - Click here

Catch your breath at Porthcawl, anytime of year. It's just 4 miles away. Get adventurous at our their new Watersports Centre, or test your skills at one of the world’s finest golf courses, Royal Porthcawl. Enjoy funfair rides, ice cream and spectacular sunsets in summer, or cosy up in a seafront café after a winter walk along the beach - Click here

Margam Country Park has the largest deer hear in South Wales a deer roaming its 500 acres of of parkland. You will also see a flourishing population of Skylarks, Buzzards, Kestrels, Mute Swans, Coots, Moorhens, Canadian Geese, Mallard, tufted duck and pochard inhabit the lakes, whilst the patient observer may see kingfishers besides the streams. Within the grounds you can also see a castle and Grade II listed Tudor Gothic Mansion House - Click here

Bryngarw Country Park has oodles of woodland to explore, loads of grassland offering space to play family games, formal gardens for a floral aunter and loads of water features including ponds, lakes and a river! With ornamental bridges and wildflower meadows you'll be hard put to find someone who wouldn't like to have a walk here! Bryngarw Country Park is just a few miles away - Click here

ASPIRE 121 retreat
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ASPIRE is a truly inspiring and life transforming entrepreneurial development programme for women just like you.

Enjoy my Institute of Leadership & Management approved eight unit programme, which you could enjoy doing via a retreat experience once a month for eight months, or at any delivery timing that work for us both.

In-between your retreats you will continue to feel inspired, motivated and focussed upon achieving your goals supported by regular check ins and mini master classes.

This eight unit ASPIRE retreat programme is for women who are invested in catapulting their personal and business success, excited and prepared to make instant and long lasting sustainable change.

You will be supported all the way by me and via The Institute of Leadership & Management resources.

Not only will this boost your career as you will have the opportunity to collect a whole host of professional qualifications, you will be introduced to global business leaders, mind stretching thought leaders alongside proven business resources and techniques to boost your business success.

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