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Cocktail & Canape Networking Reception

Introduce you and your business to a room full of women who just love doing business together!

Networking & Speed Networking

Showcase what you love doing with women eager to do business !

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Cheryl Bass Founder & MD - I AM WOMAN - How To Slay A Dragon!

How our I AM WOMAN Dragons could be helping you explode your business!

"Starting or expanding any business is probably one of the toughest things you might ever do in your life. Dabbling at it could mean you run out of both energy and money. I look forward to introducing to you how our I AM WOMAN Dragons can be accessed by you to help you to catapult your business success. Don't let a lack of expertise and funding hold you back in 2020!"

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 Rachel Bedgood - Founder & MD CBS - Patron of I AM WOMAN Dragons

How I Unlocked My Financial Power & How You Can Too!

"I look forward to sharing with you how I started  CBS, a multi-million, multi-award winning business. With no access to the funding I needed, luckily I was was introduced to the right people at the right time. Through profitable collaboration I built CBS from a converted retail shop in my local village into purpose built offices where CBS is now the first choice for people looking for background screening across the UK"

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Louise Williams O'Halloran Chair & Founder - Juno Moneta & Goldsboro Group - I AM WOMAN Dragon

How I Unlocked My Business Success & How You Can Too!

"My business career journey began 30 years with a small loan from my Dad and was followed by a steep learning curve. The lessons from my early years in business serve as an ongoing reminder of how important money, resilience and the company you keep are to achieving business success. Today I am the Chairperson of the Juno Moneta Group & Goldsboro Group, which contain subsidiary companies delivering holistic financial planning, legal and accountancy services to clients UK wide".

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Sammy Blindell - Founder & MD - Brand Builders

How To Build A Brand That Sells With Awesome Results!

"I look forward to sharing with you how I have built brands from start-up into multi-million award winning, global brands and how you can start working on your brand to take it into the markets and onto the platforms that will help assure your business success! It's not all about throwing money at your brand its the 'how' in what you do I aim to share with you that can take your brand from who to everywhere!"

9.00 Close & Networking in the Bar

Enjoy meeting our speakers, networking & building new business relationships.

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Women only access 1% of Venture Capital Funding


Men successfully access 99% of Venture Capital Funding


When teams consist of women. The team only access 10% of Venture Capital Funding

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Unlock Your Financial Power!

Women live longer than men, but earn less.

This not only impacts on women pre-retirement, but post retirement because they have invested the same percentage of a lesser amount.

Women are projected to have 25% lower income on average than men in their first year of retirement.

(Issued by Financial Administration Services Limited, authorised
and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)

Women live longer and earn less. We dedicate time away from
our careers for our families, raising children, or caring for ageing or sick
relatives. We make these choices not always because it is what we want
to do, but because it is what has to be done. However, few of us realise
the impact of these decisions on our financial power.

According to ONS data, the average man working full time earns an average of £718 per week. By comparison, we earn £578 per week. The knock-on impact is that our average pension pot, including both workplace and personal pensions, is £5,600 less than the average man’s. That’s £28,900 compared to the average man’s pension pot worth £34,500.7.