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Aspire FOR GREATNESS One-On-One Programme


Aspire is an Award winning, Institute of Management & Leadership L5 Entrepreneurial Development Programme for Women.

The programme consists of 8 highly interactive Master Classes, delivered traditionally over an eight week period, for three hours face-to-face online, supported with weekly one-to-one coaching and online email support.

This package would ideally suit someone needing individual support to not only develop the skills from the delivery, but would also benefit greatly from one-on-one coaching to implement the actions falling out of the programme.

This individual support could include:

  • The preparation of an investment ready business plan, underpinned with an operational plan, marketing plan, digital marketing strategy and people development plan.

If you are gearing yourself for fast growth to startup , scaleup, pivot and grow then your time is invaluable. This bespoke one-on-one programme of delivery can be delivered online at a time and pace to suit your individual needs.

So often when you are establishing your enterprise there is such an emphasis on just getting a business plan written for a whoever or a whatever – that is not what this programme of learning is all about.

Aspire is about making your what, who, where, why and how much actually happen as closely as is possible.

It’s about joining up your dots, making a business work by really getting under the fingernails of your market and how you position your product within it, competitively and profitably.

If you are interested in this very individualised programme and are still not quite sure if it’s for you – please drop me an email for me to arrange for a quick Zoom conversation and let’s get our heads together tailoring an Aspire programme of delivery around you.