true lasting transformation needs inspiration, perspiration and most importantly love


Aspire FOR GREATNESS Group Programme

£3,371.00 £1,000.00

Aspire is an Award Winning Entrepreneurial Development Programme Approved at L5 by The Institute of Leadership & Management.

This Group Programme interfaces with online weekly networking and business growth online events and has been designed for women who just love learning alongside other like minded women.

The programme content has been based upon almost a decade of material design, redesign and ongoing development as it revolves around the needs of it’s learners.

However, learning comes to life when you watch as real women, running real businesses start to think through their how, why, where, when and all the what if’s that go along with implementing new ideas and stepping onto new pathways in life.

This programme has been greatly discounted as a one-time-special-offer to help six very special women through these super challenging times to startup, scaleup, pivot and join up the dots in their business to start making the money they need to.

Alongside the programme of delivery you will receive three 3×1 hour pre-arranged coaching sessions with Cheryl Bass