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I AM WOMAN Motivational Monday Hour 14th of August 2023 – for women eager to realise their BIG BOLD AMBITIONS!





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Jess Morgan – Brand Creator – CEO Tiny Wizard Studio

From Freelancer To Multi-Award-Winning Branding Agency


Multi-award-winning BRANDING EXPERT Jess Morgan joins us to share her top branding tips.

If you are starting or growing your business then you will already realise that your brand will tell your story, whether that’s a fabulous story or a nightmare!

Join us and learn how to let your brand tell the story you and your customers want to hear and need to hear to buy with confidence from you.

If you would like to hear hear story and her entrepreneurial tips for success then do book and join us.

Our I AM WOMAN Hour is a platform for you to grow your skills and your business.

You’ll also get the chance to network, give and receive business referrals, connect, collaborate, showcase talent and learn the ‘how’ to start/grow/up-scale your life and business.

Our I AM WOMAN Hour is delivered wherever you are via Zoom.

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Every week our I AM WOMAN Hour we will be online via Zoom between 11am until 12 noon and you are invited to book and join us.

If you are a woman in business you will already have realised just how many things you need to keep yourself bang up to date with. You will also quickly discover that learning the ‘how’ across so many topics can cost a fortune and is so difficult to access.

This I AM WOMAN Hour will introduce you to super inspiring tools, insights and women who are highly successful women in their own right. So what we do isn’t text-book, it’s how things are really done, to really get things done.

You’ll learn how to be the very best version of you across your personal and business life, as well as all those tricky skills you need to embrace to stay ahead of the game, making money and ensuring you stay highly visible and relevant.

You will quickly feel right at home with our I AM WOMAN funny, brilliant but bonkers group of like-minded women who just love sharing their skills and talents with one another, so we all grow.

In I AM WOMAN we know that running a business can feel lonely and making decisions in isolation can be super confusing.

I AM WOMAN is here to help busy entrepreneurs to update their skills and techniques across a whole range of business acceleration topics.

Our I AM WOMAN Hour starts at 11am and finished promptly at 12 noon.

Our guest speakers are a mix of brilliant entrepreneurs running their own businesses, who are masters of the topics we explore.

The atmosphere is always fun, supportive, inspirational and highly creative.

It’s a space where you feel feel free to ask questions, share your expertise, impart your knowledge and share your ‘how’ to put your new found knowledge into practice.

Even if you discover a topic you would like us to cover then we are open to exploring the topic with you.

Networking, business referrals and business collaborations are a natural part of how the group works.

We aim in I AM WOMAN to build long-lasting relationships, built upon knowing, liking and trusting one another.

Our I AM WOMAN Hour is just one small part of the I AM WOMAN jigsaw od support, services and products we have available to keep you inspired, motivated, growing, building and profitable.

Each I AM WOMAN Hour event is just £10.00 or you can purchase a bundle of 3 for just £20.00, which includes a recording of the event you have booked. Your recordings offer you the chance to re-run all the detailed stuff you might have missed first time around!

“Monday mornings will never be the same for me I’m sure. I just love being surrounded by a hub of super talented women who are all eager to share their learning and talent with one another!”

I could never imagine trying to go it alone in business. I would go crazy in no time for sure. Just to be able to reach out and to hear myself spill what’s in my head out there is a life saver.

Sometimes it’s not about wanting someone to tell you how or what you should be doing, it’s just knowing you can just spill and talk, knowing you are going to be heard, listened to and supported through what are sometimes really tricky times.

Also the economy, the environment and business stuff is moving so fast, it’s great to receive insights on funding, grants, interest rates, legislation…….

There’s no need to go it alone, come and join us in I AM WOMAN TODAY, let us help you make your life so much simpler and easier!”

Cheryl Bass

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