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Retreats For Women – Business Retreat


retreats for women



Thank you for investing in one of my business mentoring retreats for women.

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Now you have purchased your entrepreneurial mentoring retreat for women, feel free to email me and let’s start personalising your entrepreneurial mentoring retreats for women arrangements together.

You have the option to enjoy a leisurely retreat over 3 days (two half days and one full day – 2 evening sleepovers), or you might chose to condense your experience into a two full-day format (1 sleepover).

I am flexible and can work around the geography of you travelling and your other getaway challenges.

Let’s focus together on shifting you from confusion to clarity.

You might be starting-up a business and could benefit from being supported to unpack your BIG vision, values, get to grips with your numbers as you build a business that supports your desire for time and financial freedom.

You could be eager to grow your business or take it in another direction and need help to pivot your business and your marketing.

You could be wanting to take your business online and need help to build your online brand, digital marketing strategy and digital online content.

You could have just fallen out of love with your life and business and need help to resolve your vulnerabilities, gain a greater insight into what’s really going on and  get to grips with developing new business goals.

You will be warmly welcomed at my beautiful farmhouse as together we will transform your inspiration, motivation, aspirations and manifestations.

Retreat a while at one of my mentoring retreats for women.

Escape from the busyness of what life is throwing at you.

Leave happy, self assured, knowing that you are on the right path to achieving lasting business and personal growth.

We will dig deep to find what you are looking for, create a structured way forward and get you equipped with the how tools and techniques to make things happen.

Your journey starts with a free curiosity identifying your individual needs. Once you have purchased one of my ‘Entrepreneurial Mentoring Retreats For Women’ Vouchers via my online shop we will arrange a further 90 minute online mentoring meeting to establish the key essentials you would like to review prior to your entrepreneurial mentoring retreats for women commencing. This helps us both to accelerate the work we do together on your retreat.

Enjoy the whole experience of falling back in love with yourself, what you want to create in your business and your marketplace

I look forward to working with you soon x



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