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Award winning researcher

Cheryl Bass

About me

I was bullied as a child and kept myself safe by watching everyone around me. Little did I know from these very early years I was reading behaviour and trying to make sense of why people do what they do to get what they want.

As a small child I developed creatively, exploring experimenting and testing assumptions and the biology of every living thing. Creating and selling stuff was in my blood and without realising it I was giving birth and feeding my entrepreneurial talent.

In later years I studied NLP, Transnational Analysis, Freud, Jung, Spiral Dynamics and everything business in-between.

In 2001 I successfully completed a research study at Durham University into how childhood development impacts upon entrepreneurial posture. This won me a distinction for the study and a Dissertation of The Year Award at Durham for breaking into a new field of entrepreneurial personality study.

For nearly thirty years I have supported women in business and could clearly identify the childhood trauma shining trough within the business troubles and by working with both in tandem I could be working at the root cause of the problem that when resolved enables the individual and the business to make significant shifts.

ASPIRE is a unique entrepreneurial programme that helps women to work at their route level of childhood programming. By updating their programming they can transform their business success.

Organisations working with women can also bring in-house this programme of learning that will create significant growth and greater productivity of it's most valuable resource.

Women who have benefited from taking part in the ASPIRE programme have transformed their lives, their relationships with themselves and others and have transformed their belief in what's possible in their lives and have the 'how' to make it happen.

Come join us, who knows your what next could be?




ASPIRE transformed my income!

After just a couple of weeks I realised I was focusing my efforts on the wrong products. In one month I earned more on products than I did the whole year previously and my other income increased £1k monthly

Hannah McAndrew

Absolutely awesome!

ASPIRE has enabled me to acquire the confidence and skills I needed to build my very own online shop - so now I can make money even when I am sleeping!

Kerry Voke

Life Transforming!

This is a totally life changing programme ! I am currently taking part and I love it x

Mandy Sidoli

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