What percentage of the human brain is used?


What percentage of the human brain is used?

Whoever said we use only 10% of your brain wasn't giving humans enough credit - we're way more effective than that! In reality we use all of it! Every neuron in the brain is continually active, even if firing only slowly.

Neurons that stop responding die.

Yes if you don't use - you loose!

Even so, many people seem to believe that we use only part of our brain.

It is extraordinary that such a myth can persist when it has so often been refuted.

I think the bigger question is, how effectively are you using yours?

If you don't use you loose, is it time you put to work the strongest thinkinking tool you have at your disposal - your subconscious mind?

It never sleeps and is waiting there to work on something for you, 24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year.

I've worked relentlessly for decades with top performing entrepreneurs and leaders and captured their how for you in this guided manifestation journal,

You are invited to use for just 15 minutes a day, before you go to sleep. Trusting the rest of the process to you subconscious mind and the universe.

I'm launching this in anticipation of valentines day and if you would like to know more here's the link: https://cherylbass.com/15-minute-manifestation-journal-launch/

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